JSA (Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists)

The 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiology took place from 8 to 10 June.

During the sessions on June 8, in front of a large number of anesthesiologists, Dr. Josep Rodiera presented his seminar "A New Approach for the Neuromuscular Transmission Monitoring" based on the TOF-Cuff monitor.

According to the information received from our distributor, IMI Co. Ltd., the conference was a great success. It is worth mentioning the presentation of Dr. Josep Rodiera in the seminar, wich raised the interest of Japanese anesthesiologists. The IMI Co. Ltd. booth was very busy providing information about the TOF Cuff monitor. 


 Scenery of the room for the session Around 300 doctors were attended 



Dr. Rodiera, the Inventor of the TOF Cuff concept, delivered a speech about the TOF Cuff monitor



IMI booth