Not all the ancient Greek mythological gods are dead. At least, not here in Naples, Italy.

In this city, the ancient god of dreams Morpheus, son of Hypnos, is still well alive by giving its name to the local “Smorfia”, that is: the book of dreams that -according to the deeply enrooted local imaginary- allows anyone to glimpse the lottery’s winning combination. So, in the even now playground of the mythological god of dreams, son of the ancient personification of sleep… really hard to find a more inspiring place than Naples for hosting an Anaesthesia Congress.


Said it all, huge expectation that one awakened two weeks ago in the aforementioned city of Naples (Italy) where, by the good hand of our valuable Distributor MEDIVAL, the TOF-Cuff NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor had its first public display under the frame of the Italian Society of Anaesthesia Congress SIAARTI 2016.


Far from just being exhibited, the TOF-Cuff  Monitor drew the Congress’ spotlight by playing a lead role both in the premiere of the Laparoscopic Surgery-optimization Study unveiled by the University Hospital of Messina, as well as by being the center axis of the lecture “A new approach to NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitoring” which was delivered to the Congress' attendants by the BioMedical Engineer and PhD MD Josep Rodiera, inventor of the TOF-Cuff  Monitor.


So, very good vibrations those ones felt here -down at the hill side of the magnificent Mount Vesubious- thanks to the priceless collaboration of our valuable Distributor MEDIVAL.


Headquartered in Padua, and with sales-related branches in 25 additional cities, Medica Valeggia S.p.a. (MEDIVAL) is the exclusive Distributor of the TOF-Cuff  NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor in Italy, offering top-class sales and education services around this ground-breaking NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor for the Italian Anesthetic Community.


So, please stay tuned.

More news about the TOF-Cuff  Worldwide journey to be unveiled, very soon.