So early in the morning now, on the verge of another dawn, it’s time to turn our eyes to the Country that will see the Sun rising before anyone else in the World does so: Japan.

Intense action that one deployed this weekend by our valuable Distributor IMI Co. Ltd., down at their booth at the Japanese Society of Clinical Anesthesia JSCA Congress held at Kochi (Shikoku Island), a top-level Congress where our game-changing NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor TOF-Cuff was unveiled –for the first time, live- to the Japanese Anesthetists.


Over a hundred hands-on product demonstrations, an eye-catching new brochure, and the release of a brand-new promotional video-clip, have efficiently shown to the Japanese anesthetists that eradicating the feared post-Operative Residual Curarization (PORC) had never been so easy as it will be as of now... thanks to the TOF-Cuff NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor.


Today, with the JSCA2016 successfully gone, it’s time to set our sails now heading to the forthcoming 64th General Assembly of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists, which will be held at the Kobe Convention Centre by early June 2017. A Congress where –no doubt about it- our valuable Distributor IMI Co. Ltd. will be the better ambassador that the TOF-Cuff NMT Monitor could have ever imagined.


Headquartered in Saitama, and with branch offices in 23 additional cities, International Medical Intelligence (IMI Co. Ltd.) is the exclusive Distributor of the TOF-Cuff NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor in Japan, offering top-class sales, rental, maintenance and education services around this ground-breaking NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor.


So, please stay tuned.

More news about the TOF-Cuff Worldwide journey to be unveiled, very soon.