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New Muscular Relaxation monitoring device during anaesthesia, with an amazingly quick and easy set-up system that reduces start-up time to a few seconds.

Its exceptional AUTO-PILOT system enables the anaesthesiologist initiate by simply pressing a button.

From induction to reversion will adapt the system modes and pacing intervals completely autonomously without medical intervention.





The “KISS” Principle

As an Anaesthesiologist, you will most likely have never heard anything about it before, but “KISS” – the easy to remember acronym of “Keep It Stupid Simple”- is a worldwide known design principle, taught to Engineering Students since the early 70’s. Originally coined in the Aerospace Industry, the “KISS” Principle states that systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complex… regardless of how complicated the application they are intended to solve might be!

 The TOF-Cuff ® Concept

Take a look now at the side-by-side comparison shown below, and you will quickly realize why the TOF-Cuff ® Medical Device is a paradigmatic example of a product which has been conceived by faithfully following the “KISS Principle” gold-rule mentioned above. 

So, do not wait any longer and let the TOF-Cuff ® enter in your Surgical Ward for the Monitoring of the NeuroMuscular Transmission Level. We bet that you will get marveled when verifying by yourself that -even five hundred (!!) years later- the following statement of the Italian Renaissance genius, Leonardo Da Vinci, keeps on being an overwhelming undeniable truth:

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication




The best way for quickly realizing the substantial improvements that the TOF-Cuff ® Medical Device could provide to your daily assessment of the NMT Level of the anaesthetized patients is, precisely… by comparing it against the products you are currently using in the Surgical Room!

 Explanatory Notes:
(*) As it is a non accelerometer-based solution, there is even no need to strap the patient’s hand against the OR table’s armrest.
(**) As the patient’s arm can rest on the OR table itself, it allows the Surgeon to freely move around the patient’s body at all times, hence dramatically easing –for instance- the “Pelvic Surgery” Procedures. 
 Explanatory Notes:
(*) The system keeps track of the last 75 stimulations, and graphically shows  the corresponding “T4/T1 Ratio” evolution over time.


As we can see in the following illustrations, the TOF-Cuff ® Medical Device allows to freely move the patient.





Click on the flag to download the TOF-Cuff ® Leaflet, for getting further details about  the rest of  features that are included in this innovative Medical Device for the (easy) assessment of the NeuroMuscular Transmission Level of anaesthetized patients.





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